A Strategic Facility Plan is a specific building design with associated costs that can be implemented in phases over time as the church continues to grow. Typical steps in the process to form a Strategic Facility Plan:

  1. Understand your church's vision - what God is doing in your church and what He is calling you to be
  2. Analyze your church's growth trends, programs and age distribution
  3. Assess your resources - current facilities, land and financial position - and congregational readiness
  4. Identify unique opportunities and potential threats that would impact a plan
  5. Outline facility goals and objectives
  6. Provide solutions -  options to consider (site planning, architectural designs)
  7. Develop consensus on a final plan with leaders and stakeholders

Not every church  requires all 7 steps to develop a specific plan.  However, whether just 2 of the steps or all 7, the result of the process is that your important questions are answered and you will have a plan which can be implemented over time as growth and finances would dictate.  And if your church already knows what it wants to build, we can provide full-scope architectural services to meet your needs.