The way we help churches find good solutions usually entails leading them  through a process to develop a Strategic Facility Plan. A Strategic Facility Plan is a specific building and site design with associated costs that can be implemented in phases over time as the church continues to grow. Typical steps in the process to develop the Plan include:

  1. Understand your church's vision and mission - what God is doing in your church and what He is calling you to become

  2. Analyze your church's growth trends, programs and age distribution

  3. Assess resources and limitations - current facilities, land, municipal zoning constraints, building code impacts, financial position - and congregational readiness

  4. Identify unique opportunities and potential threats that would impact a plan

  5. Outline facility goals and objectives, including the development of a comprehensive phased  building program

  6. Provide solutions -  options to consider (site planning, architectural designs)

  7. Develop consensus on a final plan with leaders and stakeholders

  8. Map out an implementation process and time frame

  9. Provide materials / resources to assist in Capital Stewardship

  10. Coordinate municipal approval processes

  11. Identify and help retain needed consultants (i.e., local engineers, acoustical audio-video-lighting, etc.)

  12. Guidance in implementation (selecting local builders, contracting methods, etc.)

Not every church  requires all 12 steps to develop a specific plan.  However, whether just 2 of the steps or all 12, the result of the process is that your important questions are answered and you will have a plan which can be implemented over time to provide for growth within prudent  financial constraints..  

And if your church already knows what it wants to build, we can provide full-scope architectural services to meet your needs