Many architects take an approach which is essentially "tell me what you want to build and we'll design it". Such an approach does not account for fundamental questions that church leaders have. Often they will embark on the process with an architect, hoping that as they go along their questions will be answered. They want to know "how much will it cost?" and the architect responds "we don't know until we design it". Leaders then feel locked into a design process to get answers rather than getting answers about affordability which will then inform the design being developed. 

Here are some common questions that church leaders have. The answers, of course, vary from church to church and typically require a strategic process which I can lead your church through. 

  • Should we build an addition or relocate?
  • Do we need more space or can our building be reconfigured to work more efficiently?
  • What can we afford to build?
  • If we are building for continued growth, how much should be considered?
  • Does the realtor's mantra "Location, location, location" apply to churches?
  • Shall we buy land and build new or get a vacant building and renovate it?
  • How do we lead our church though a building campaign? 
  • Will we save money and control cost better by using a design-builder? 
  • How long will it take before we could get into new space?
  • If we build it, will 'they' come?   

Perhaps you have other pressing questions you'd like to discuss before embarking on a building project. I'd be glad to have a conversation with you about your church's situation. Send me an e-mail with some general information about your church and your contact information. We can set a time to discuss it by phone, Skype, Google Hangout or GoToMeeting.